Episode 36

Building a world class design team

avec Andy Budd

The talk will be in english

With technology becoming a commodity, the last time Andy spoke at The Next Web, he explained how user experience was the next competitive battleground. Jump forward a couple of years and every start-up worth their series B has been investing in design; whether that’s hiring super star designers, commissioning world leading consultancies, or buying entire design studios. But how to you find the best talent, and, more importunely, how do you keep them? In this masterclass session, User Experience expert, Andy Budd, will outline the nine things you need to do to foster a healthy design culture, hire the right people, nurture talent and build a world class design team; in order to use design for your competitive advantage.

About Andy Budd

Andy Budd has been blogging about design and technology since 2003. He was one of the leading lights of the web standards movement and his book, CSS Mastery has sold over 60,000 copies and has been translated into a dozen languages. Andy has moved away from the development world over the last few years and is currently focused on the way people interact with technology.

Andy Budd is one of the founding partners at User Experience Design Consultancy, Clearleft. As a leading authority on interaction design, Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like The Web 2.0 Expo, An Event Apart and SXSW. Andy curates dConstruct, one of the most popular design conferences in the UK. He's also responsible for UX London, the UK's first dedicated Usability, Information Architecture and User Experience Design event. Andy is the driving force behind Silverbackapp, a low cost usability testing tool for the Mac. He also plays a supporting role at Fontdeck, Clearleft's web type start-up.


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