Episode 14

Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem

avec Adam Ungstad

Pour ce prochain rendez-vous d'UX Romandie nous vous donnons rendez-vous le 26 mars à l'Hotel Bristol à Genève pour une présentation de Adam Ungstad. Cette présentation est donnée en avant-première chez nous, avant le conférence IA Summit qui se déroule début Avril à Baltimore.

The Topic

Metadata in the Cross-Channel Ecosystem: Consistency, Context and Interoperability Metadata enables consistency, context and interoperability in a cross-channel context by managing, describing and exchanging information objects.

This presentation explores 3 different types of metadata: administrative, descriptive, and structural, and their role in UX practices including content strategy, responsive design, rich snippets, and web forms.

We’ll then look at the cross-channel ecosystem, understanding media, channels, interactions and touchpoints. We’ll explore The Internet of Things, and furthermore the importance of information exchanges in cross-channel service design.

From there we learn about the nuts and bolts of an information exchange, including semantics, syntax and lexicon, and how these are documented in schema.

Then we’ll look at some of the common standards used to specify schema for information exchanges and semantic markup. Last but not least, we’ll explore how linked data and ontologies enable us to map shared mental models.

About Adam Ungstad

Adam Ungstad has been organizing, designing, and building usable structures of information for nearly 10 years. Adam has led projects spanning the Information Architecture spectrum, from User Experience Design initiatives to developing Enterprise Information Architecture standards.

He will eventually retire as a librarian. In 2012 Adam successfully wrote and published his first non-fiction book, Secret Lakes of Southern Vancouver Island.

Originally from western Canada, he is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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