Episode 20

UX BookClub "Just Enough Research"

avec Erika Hall

Un UX BookClub est une rencontre autour d'un livre UX pour en commenter son contenu. Chaque participant aura lu le livre pour pouvoir participer à la discussion. Après cette discussion, une session de questions/réponses par Skype avec l’auteur aura lieu.

Le livre étudié le 19 novembre sera "Just Enough Research" de Erika Hall.

Erika Hall

Erika Hall has been working in web design and development since the late 20th century. In 2001, she co-founded Mule Design Studio where she directs the research, interaction design, and strategy practices. Erika speaks and writes frequently about cross-disciplinary collaboration and the importance of natural language in user interfaces. In her spare time, she battles empty corporate jargon at Unsuck It. She also co-hosts Running from the Law, a weekly podcast on business law and endurance fitness, and can probably outrun you.


Le livre: Just Enough Research

In Just Enough Research, co-founder of Mule Design Erika Hall distills her experience into a brief cookbook of research methods. Learn how to discover your competitive advantages, spot your own blind spots and biases, understand and harness your findings, and why you should never, ever hold a focus group. You’ll start doing good research faster than you can plan your next pitch.


  • Enough Is Enough
  • The Basics
  • The Process
  • Organizational Research
  • User Research (read excerpt from this chapter online)
  • Competitive Research
  • Evaluative Research
  • Analysis and Models
  • Quantitative Research
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