Episode 21

Designing a CMS for the future of web-edition

avec Rasmus Skjoldan

Designing a content management system poses a beautiful problem: How do you design a tool you don't know the future use of? In the TYPO3 Neos project, we turned to urban planning principles to look for answers. Rasmus Skjoldan will explain how to install what he calls "UX infrastructure" in your projects, letting you plan how changes can flow through your interfaces and user experience strategies. You will also learn about the Neos way of inline editing, WYSIWYG, raw and structured content - and how to tame the great problem of previewing.

UX Romandie invites you on December 17th to Pully CityClub movie theater. Rasmus, freshly landed from Copenhagen, will explain us the research he did to design Neos and will show us his work in its first Swiss preview.

Speaker: Rasmus Skjoldan

Rasmus Skjoldan is the UX lead of the TYPO3 Neos open source CMS project, brand manager of TYPO3 and creative lead at MOC. He has worked for a diverse range of clients such as Roskilde Festival, Joost, the Danish Refugee Council and the National Gallery of Denmark. He writes about UX and is a member of J.Boye CMS Experts. When it's time to cool down he winterbathes in the harbor of Copenhagen and tweets at Rasmus Skjoldan. No doubt he will enjoy a dip in Leman fresh waters.

Sponsor: ttree

This UX Romandie episode is made possible by ttree which put us in touch with Rasmus and finance his travel and talk. ttree is a TYPO3 lausanne agency very involved in Typo3 and Neos development. Thanks to them for sponsorising this episode.

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