Episode 24

The Diary of a Journeyman

avec Thomas Kueber

For march, Join us and Thomas who will tells us the story of his life in agencies and as a unique UX Designer in big corporations.

This talks elaborates from his personal experience of a designer between consulting work in an agency and corporate employment in the design department of corporations.
With the big idea in mind that design should be able to encourage if not lead innovation, Thomas would like to take you on a journey from the basic principles of client engagement to the art of crafting corporate alliances and navigate around the minefield of big-firm-bureaucracy.
He will talk about the specifics in team setup, business manners and design tools that may cross your ways from working with creative studios to multi-national design departments. And hopefully with a slight sense of humor and a little dash of sarcasm, he will give you some real-world advice on how to survive and still stay creative in all of these environments.

About Thomas Kueber

  • Leads Groupon's Berlin design office at day
  • Is occupied with running IxDA Berlin at night
  • Co-founded UXcamp Europe, a 500 participants free UX conference in Berlin
  • Worked, laughed and made business in the Europe, USA, Korea and China
  • Is passionate about humanizing technology for over a decade and never gets tired of speaking about it at all kind of events
  • Loves bass heavy music and rich white wines and the deep blue ocean
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