Episode 25

Where no one has gone before

avec Hervé Mischler

There was once a time where you would never have said that an enterprise application could be Simple or User friendly.

Complex systems were synonym of difficult to implement and complicated to use. In this fast changing world where building web and mobile applications is easier then ever before and simplicity the new design standard, the enterprise is far from being left behind. Not only is legacy software being replaced  by cloud platforms but the user is becoming central in large organisations.

In this talk we will explore how consumer applications are currently having a huge impact on Enterprise Software and how designing for the enterprise can be the next big thing in technology.

About Hervé Mischler

Hervé is a User Interface Designer.
After an education in industrial design, he started on the web in 1999. As a proponent of standards-based design, he takes a code-based approach to user experience problems. In 2007 he started as a web designer at Dailymotion before becoming the Creative Director in 2009. He started designing for the Enterprise at SAP were he set the design foundations of  their first  HTML5 Responsive Application Framework.
Hervé currently works at Salesforce.com helping businesses design their Customer Company vision.


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