Episode 26

The Mechanics of Magic

avec Christina Wodkte

Christina Wodtke, super-renowned Information Architect and former general manager of Zynga.com, will explain everything about “gamification” and why it's not a silver bullet. (Did you know that silver bullets  were considered the only effective weapon against werewolves?)

The web world is agog over game design, slapping badges and progress bars over every annoying thing they wish users to do. As users tire of everything looking like a game, “gamification” has come under fire. But why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

Game design is to web design what rocket science is to car mechanics, and just like Tang and Velcro, there is plenty in game design we can use in our every day work. Come and hear how mastery, irregular reward schedules and meaningful choices can make your site a pleasure for your users.

About Christina Wodkte

Christina Wodtke is currently consulting, teaching, coaching and acting as an advisor to startups. Most recently she led new product development and reinvention as a general manager of Zynga.com at Zynga, was general manager of Social at Myspace, principal product manager at Linkedin, and senior director of design at Yahoo! back when Yahoo! was pretty neat.
As well, she likes founding things: She founded a startup where she developed the collaborative blogging tool PublicSquare; founded Boxes and Arrows, an on-line magazine of design; and co-founded the Information Architecture Institute. She may found again.

Along the way she wrote the bestselling Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web, and has spoken on the topic of the human experience in information spaces at conferences worldwide.

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