Episode 32

In Pursuit of Simplicity

avec Zoltan Gocza

Simplicity is the rallying cry that unites designers. We now live in the era of flat design, minimal interfaces, hamburger menus, and doppelganger websites. When we thought the three-click rule was dead, comes the two-tap rule.

But should simplicity be the ultimate goal? Design decisions aiming for reduction often introduce more friction and cognitive load, leading to a more complex user experience. Simple-looking products often carry hidden complexity. Simplicity can easily be a “neat, plausible, and wrong” solution to a problem.

Let's dive into the idea of simplicity and dissect it. Let’s have a look at what simplicity really means, whether it's really what people want, and how on Earth do we end up having complicated products.

About Zoltan Gocza

Zoltan (@goczazoltan) is a user experience and product development guy. He loves working at the intersection of data and gut instinct. Fights design myths and contrast criminals. Not too bad at 8-bit games either.

Zoltan leads the UX team at Centralway, set out to redefine mobile banking. Before joining Centralway, he was head of UX at the communication agency Isobar, and at Ustream, the leader in live video. He co-founded one of the leading Hungarian daily deal aggregators.

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