Episode 34

Increase Your (UX) Impact Through Collaboration

avec Leo Marti

Finding the right balance between user needs, business needs and technical feasibility can sometime be challenging. This talk will discuss simple collaboration techniques you can use to make sure the voice of the user is fed into product's strategy.

By involving your stakeholders and team members throughout your design process, starting in its early stages, you will see them empathise more with users, and your ability to influence will increase. In addition, you’ll create shared understanding, which will make working with your colleagues much more enjoyable and productive. Finally working together as a multidisciplinary team, you’ll explore a greater multitude of ideas, and converge toward a better solution!

About Leo Marti

Leo is a data driven UX Designer, who loves to transform complex problems into simple and elegant solutions. Leo grew up in Geneva, but quickly left home to work across Europe and Asia. He worked on projects such as Indonesia's 1st music and movies streaming service, and a tool used by advertisement agencies to get legal feedback on every TV adverts aired in the UK. Leo is now a UX Designer at the BBC, where he practices Lean UX and strive to bridge the gap between Product Managers, Developers and Designers.

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