Episode 16

Storytelling for User Experience

avec Jeroen van Geel

It’s the job of designers to make the world a more livable place, to build up relationships between brands and customers and to facilitate good experiences. Our core task is to add meaning. And it’s Jeroen's belief that understanding storytelling is of the essence if we want to do this.

During this talk Jeroen takes you from traditional storytelling to our everyday life as designers. There he will show that designing a product isn’t just about features, design principles and usability, but about facilitating the birth of new stories between people and products. With videos, images and live sketching he will create a framework where products are parter of a bigger ecosystem.

About Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen van Geel is interaction director at Fabrique - brands, design & interaction.

He is an international speaker and a writer on the field of interaction design and has a great interest in the world of product personality. Jeroen has pushed forward many design projects, ranging from the next generation mobile apps for Dutch public transport to interactive projects for Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the new automated border control systems at Schiphol.

He was the founder of Johnny Holland. His goal is to return a bit of wonder into the world, even if it is just for himself.


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