Episode 29

The Turning Point: Demystifying story for user experience

avec Stephanie Troeth

“Storytelling" appears to be a magic word when it comes to creating user experience—we use it to evoke design ideals, to summon the creative spirit, or to cry out for a narrative link across the complex world of devices and short attention span. But is this all there is?

Unconvinced that storytelling could be so superficial, Steph spent a few years learning from the art of making documentaries, crime fiction, novels and the shortest of stories. As she uncovered the parallels in the making of stories and the research/design processes of UX, she began to formulate a framework where these two worlds meet, unearthing a different angle on what we do in order to take our skills to greater heights.

In this session, Steph will show how understanding “story” opens a world of possibilities and adds another dimension to your UX toolset. Better still, it’s less of a mystery than what you might think.

About Stephanie Troeth

Steph is a user experience strategist, researcher and designer. She has worn many hats, including a product lead for a tech startup in publishing and a studio director at a digital agency. She is also known for her grassroots contributions to best web practices through the Web Standards Project and the W3C. More recently, she spearheads international audience research with MailChimp as an independent consultant.

She is also a hopeless BBC World Service radio addict, aspiring literary novelist, once-upon-a-musician, occasional silversmith, serendipitous gardener and slow food aficionada. Well-travelled and living on her fourth continent, she speaks several flavours of English, a few languages and posesses an indecipherable accent.

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