Episode 30

Usability of Web Photos

avec James Chuddley

James is on a mission to improve the effectiveness of photos on the web. He will show you good and bad photos that he’s come across in his client research and will explain the impact they had on the user experience. He will also talk about what we can do as UX’er that will improve the effectiveness of photos within the products that we design.

About James Chuddley

James (@chudders) has worked in the field of UX for 14 years within academia and both the public and private sectors. He is a User Experience Director at cxpartners where he leads UCD projects for the great and good of the web. James wrote 'Smashing UX Design' and 'Usability of Web Photos' and co-founded UXBristol in 2011. He loves all things photographic and combines his love of photography and UX at his blog www.photoUX.co.uk.

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