Episode 28

User-Centered & Data-Driven

avec Benjamin Wiederkehr

A love story between user experience and data visualization.

The growing amounts of data and the desire to gain insights from them, demands for easy-to-use tools to perform the tasks of exploration, evaluation and communication of information. As a key component of such “macroscope” interactive, dynamic visualizations can help the user to gain an intuitively accessible, memorable and actionable understanding of the information. But, if you’re now thinking about the horrors of complicated business intelligence applications of the past or futuristic holographic interfaces à la Iron Man, think again. Today’s consumer applications are presenting vast amounts of information that the user needs to handle with ease and confidence.

In the process of creating those kinds of applications we see two different approaches collide: On the one hand, the representation of data requires an intensive examination of the structure and texture of the underlying data set. On the other hand, a user-centered design process must be followed to ensure usefulness and usability for the human using it. Based on case studies from our daily work, I will talk about the pitfalls and highlights of marrying these two principles into a design process that is as robust as possible yet as flexible as necessary.

About Benjamin Wiederkehr

Benjamin Wiederkehr is an Interaction Designer with a focus on information visualization and interface design. With his work, he explores opportunities to innovate through the combination of design and technology, to simplify complex data in order to raise awareness, as well as to tell stories with an open intent and meaningful impact.

Benjamin is founding partner and managing director of Interactive Things, a design and technology studio he established together with Christian Siegrist and Jeremy Stucki in 2009 and led together with Peter Gassner and Christoph Schmid. Interactive Things works at the intersection of science, technology, and design to help their clients to establish engaging and emotional interactions between them and their audience. Between 2005 and 2008, Benjamin has been studying the foundations of interaction design at the BA in Design program of the Zürich University of the Arts, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design with a specialization in Interaction Design. Between 2012 and 2014, he has been studying visual models and interaction patterns in exploratory tools for personal financial information at the MA in Design program of the Zürich University of the Arts. Generally, his research and work interests center around persuasive technology, information and knowledge visualization and emerging interaction principles between humans and machines.

Benjamin thinks, writes, and speaks a whole lot about his academic and practical work which led him to lecture and present at SXSW, Ars Electronica, Visualized NYC, UC Berkeley, FH Potsdam, and IUAV Venice, among others. His work has been exhibited in Indiana, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, and Barcelona and it has been awarded with the European Newspaper Award, GEN Data Journalism Award, and the Grimme Online Award.

The talk will be in english
La conférence sera en anglais

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